Zakk Cash is back with a brand new track! This time, he’s back with a very special guest.

Introducing “Haze” featuring Johnnie Guilbert. You can listen to the brand new track below.

When asked about the song and its further meaning, here is what Zakk Cash had to say

“Haze” is about a low point where I was extremely sad. During the Pandemic, my living situation had turned toxic and I felt I had fallen into a deep hole I couldn’t get out of. Every day just felt like a constant struggle to do anything. I was sleeping 14 hours a day, having multiple panic attacks, and was feeling hopeless. I started writing Haze about feeling broken and in a constant state of fear. I wanted to write from the perspective as if I was looking in a mirror and talking to myself. Johnnie was the perfect person to have join this song. His voice is amazing! I knew he would be able to relate and craft his own lyrics around the feelings I was having. Being able to collaborate with Julian Comeau (Loveless) was also such an amazing experience. Julian really helped make this song and develop it into the perfect representation of my emotions. Also, having Eric Emery (Skyharbor) mix the song and Tyler Smyth(DangerKids) master it made the song the best it possibly could! I’m super thankful for the team created to make this song come out the way it did. I could not have created this without the amazing help of everyone involved. So big shout out to Johnnie Guilbert, Julian Comeau, Eric Emery, Tyler Smyth, Chris Bianchi, Jordan Scott, & Matthew Jacque.

You can stream “Haze” here

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