Intervals has teamed up with prog shred master Josh De La Victoria for a brand new song called “Lock & Key”. As usual, the song is completely instrumental and yet somehow a complete earworm that you’re going to have to listen to at least twice. That’s just how this goes.

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“‘Lock & Key’ is one of my favourite tunes from the new record and I’m so happy to feature my pal and extremely talented artist, Joshua De La Victoria,” said Intervals mastermind Aaron Marshall. “When this track started to take shape, I knew right away that I wanted to feature Josh. Initially, the idea was just to trade solos and have a sort of ‘guitar due'”, which you typically see more in a live environment, so I was really into the idea of capturing this on record.”

“Once we started to work through various ideas, I realized that there was a little more room for Josh to contribute and round out the composition. I wound up asking him to respond to my initial call in the verses, and bringing in the bridge section before the solo unfolds. The response to 5-HTP over the past few weeks has been incredible, and I’m so excited to show everyone more of this record!”

Intervals will release their new album 5-HTP on November 13. Pre-orders are available here.

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